Why stay with us?

Discover why Victoria Hotel is a great hotel for Students


Finding accommodation in Galway during College season can be a nightmare. The minute something shows up, it's quicky been booked within minutes and you end up booking whatever is left on Airbnb or other platforms. That's why at the Victoria Hotel, the student is our priority. We made changes to better suit your college lifestyle. Read below some of the benefits of staying in our city centre hotel. 



We Have Free WiFi

Tired of losing or having no connection at Airbnbs and hostels? We get that. Because we understand the importance of the internet, our WiFi is free all day, every day. Download your homework without a hassle. 




Our Rooms Have Office Desks & Lamps

Although many of us love studying on the bed or on the floor, there are some things that just need to be done on a desk. At Victoria Hotel, our rooms are equipped with a spacious desk and office lamp, so you can squeeze in those late studies without the excuse of falling asleep while studying in bed!




We Can Store Your Bike

Bringing a bike with you? Many hotels don't have the ability to store your bike, but not us. We will look after it no problem. Our hotel has a bike storage area, free of charge. 


We Have Barista Coffee  

The one bullet point we cannot miss - a good coffee. Much needed for any student. Wake up to a nicely brewed coffee made by our barista. Take a cup with you to stay up late and finish that long overdue homework. Our coffee will definitely keep you up and running.  




We Are Minutes Away From the Bus/Train Station 

That's right, the Victoria Hotel is just around the corner from all public transportations. The Ceannt Train Station is 2 minutes away. The same goes for the Bus Eireann Bus Station. And if you cross the cute little Eyre Square Park, you will have city buses to take you anywhere in town. 


Staying at Victoria Hotels provides you with comfort and relax. You don't have to worry about being late or missing the bus. Book your stay with us today!


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